Story by Kim Ashmore and Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Some children in Turkey loved the story of 'Our Colourful World' and they drew pictures of their 'Friend from Outerspace'. Have a look at the online exhibition here.

There are also some great videos of their pictures which a Turkish TV company made. Have a look and let us know what you think. They're fantastic, aren't they? 

Our Colourful World:
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In this story Billy and Splodge visit a green planet, a blue planet, a red planet, a pink planet, and a yellow planet. Imagine that Billy and Splodge visit a new planet. Tell us all about it:

  • What colour is it?
  • What's on the planet? Are there any trees, plants or animals?
  • What adventures do Billy and Splodge have on the planet?
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the new planet is black
there are many  black stone and many tree ,plant and  animals.Such as  birds,tiger,panda .And this aminals are also black..
Billy and Splodge will make friend.They want to find a coloutful bird .They thought more and more dangerous place.They have unhappy and happy experience  drring the travel. Finally their find a cloourful bird.However they take the bird go spaceship and breed it.

Once upon a time,there had a planet .It is purple.
There had puple flowers,purple house and purple rainbow.
Billy and Splodge saw a purple panda called Ying Ying.Ying Ying knew how to speak and how to fight.When
Ying Ying saw them,Ying Ying fought to Billy and Splodge.They ran to a tree and said to Ying Ying "Don't fight
to us!Can we make friend?"It said"Ok!"Suddenly,The planet change into to colourful world.They were happy.

 The new planet is grey.
There are flowers,snow,mermaids,roses and puppies.
Billy and Splodge will see a beautiful princess called Macy but she will be in a big troubles.And Billy will rescue her and they will be best friends forever.Macy will has a kitten called Bubble,too!Bubble and Splodge will become best friends,too!And finally,they will all came back to the Earth and owned a big house.They will live happily forever.