Button up your coats. It's time to play! What English game will Sam and Pam play today?



Does your coat have buttons or a zip? What do you like to play outside? Write a comment and tell us!

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Yes, my coat has zip. I like playing HIDE AND SEEK outside.

Yes, my coat has zip. I like play HIDE AND SEAK outside.

omg I need help to view vidio

Hi RunningKickingBelt,

Unfortunately some of our videos don't work on mobile phones or tablets.

If you're using a computer you may need to enable Adobe Flash Player.

I hope that helps.


Best wishes,

LearnEnglish Kids team

good I am level 1


that song is so nice and funny and i like it... I think everybody like it .. And how i can downoald that song beacuse i lovee itt...<3

Hi SmilingPixelCycling,


We're happy you like this song! I'm afraid you can't download it, but you can download some of our other songs. If it is possible to download something, you will see a link under it in 'Documents', for example like this one under the song 'Ten little aeroplanes’:


You can also ask your parents or guardians to download our apps, which have lots of our songs and stories!


LearnEnglish Kids team

Thank you so much <3


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