Think of a flag – it can be the flag of a country or an invented one. What colour or colours is it? What shapes does it have? Do you like the flag? Why or why not?

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Hello,I´m Sergio. I´m fived years old. The Cuban flag is my favourite. It has got five stripes, two white and three blue ones. Too, it has got a red triangle and one white star.

Hello,i want to discribe my flag....

  1. It has the color red and black on it...
  2. and it has a two headed eagle on it...

Pretty cool huh!!!

My favourite flags shape is a big square and it has red colours and bue with 1 big star 6 small stars

Hi there!!!
My flag´s country have four colors, colors are:
I´m from Brasil and I love very much my country!

 hello im from mexico and is green n white n red with a eagle in the middle  WTF

 hi im from albania and i want to describe my flag: it has an black eagle in the center and it has red color.

Hi, I am from Greece and I want to tell us about my contry's flag. Well... The Greek flag is blue and white. On the left top edge has a white cross. I think the Greek flag is the most beautiful flag of all.

i'm from mexico, it's red white and green, like italy but in mexico it has an eagle a snake, some cactus, and mexican ribbons... i love my country!!! :)

Hello! I live in Moscow, Russia. The flag of Russia is White, Blue and Red. White means cleaness, blue means loyalty and honesty, red colour means courage and love.

 I'm from Egypt. The shapes of Egypt's flag is always rectangle. The flag of Egypt looked like Turkey's flag but green with 2 extra stars. Now the flag is red, white and black. There's a hawk in the middle of the flag, it's written under it a text (Arabic text). There's something looks like a badge on the hawk. It looks like the flag of Egypt, but rotated without the hawk again. The hawk is standing on the text and looks at left. I really dislike Egypt's flag because the hawk made it ugly. Without the hawk, the flag will look like Yemen's flag. I really wanted the flag with 3 colours only and rotated or green with a moon (not a full moon) and cross.