Think of a flag – it can be the flag of a country or an invented one. What colour or colours is it? What shapes does it have? Do you like the flag? Why or why not?

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Hi there i live in  philipines my countrys 
colors are
1. blue

my name is missradio. I'm from italy.  my flag's colours are: green white and red.

I'm from Indonesian.
Our flag's colour are red and white.
The red means audacious and the white one means pure. :)
I proud to be Indonesian !

 I live in Romania, but I really like African flags fot their colours.

I live in Romania.
 Our flag is:

  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Red

I love our flag! It's very beautifule and very prety 

 I d  like  go  to  london

 o   sorry  my  flag is  red  and  white

I LIVE  GEORGIA my  flag  is  rede  and  yellow

I  like UK's flag.I like the colors.I also the Malayaisan one.

Hello! i'm from spain and I live in bilbao my flag's colour is yellow and red