Think of a flag – it can be the flag of a country or an invented one. What colour or colours is it? What shapes does it have? Do you like the flag? Why or why not?

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My cousin stays in U.S.A.

 Hello, I'm from Vietnam. My flag country colour has the background is red and it has a gold star in the middle too.

Hi, I'm Martin. I live in Madrid, Spain. Spain´s flag is red, yellow and red. We  are the Eurocup football champions!

Congratulations LordRaceSport on winning the cup!

Princess Pixie Pea
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My name is Ahmad Nadeem.I am pakistani.Our flag colour is
with moon and star the symbol of peace.

hello i am andrea from country's flag is very has two colours: black and red... in the middle is an eagle the simbolise the freedom and the proud of albanians....

YES thats so true, i love albania! it has wonderfull rural areas and fantastic people who can all be your friends!

ahhh......... yes thats the life :)

I am Valentina again. The colours of the Argentine flag are sky blue, white and sky blue. On June 20th (yesterday) was the flag´s day. I swore the flag!!! I am happy!!! I have got a Diploma, and a certificate of THE BEST PUPIL!!!

I love the Argentina flag too because i live there. Congratulations for your achievement WhiteSeaViolin!

my name is abdirashid and i'm from somalia i love my country because it is special it has sky and star 
it is like blue and what................... sky you get me what am taking about............i said it is special ..................... every single country has special flag
thank you for taking time to read my comment