How do you feel today? Listen to a song called Feelings are feelings and sing along.


What makes you happy, sad, excited or angry? Tell us about it!

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he he he
ha ha ha
hi hi hi

So cool

this music is cool and says a lot abaut feelings .

Im sad when my mom punishes me

Good song, i like the melody
I'm angry from my brothers, when they say bad about me
Happy when everyone in the family is happy, or when my friends are happy
Sad when i'm angry about my friend
excited, when my friend comes to my house

what makes me. Excited-when someone at my home.Happy-when it is my birthday.Sad-when my mother shouts at me.Angry- when my family is not going to a tirp.And i like this video.

Im sad because I dont go to my friend

I feel angry from my brother because he eat my ice creams
I’m sad because I can’t see my friend any more
I feel happy because i have toy’s to play with
I’m calm when reading
I’m thirsty after playing
I’m hungry after I play a lot
I’m excited for my party