How do you feel today? Listen to a song called Feelings are feelings and sing along.


What makes you happy, sad, excited or angry? Tell us about it!

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I am Happy when I get Presents.(●'◡'●)
I am sad When girls or boys annoy me.( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ)
I am angry When boys beat me up.(⓿_⓿)
I am excitet When I go to Space.(◔◡◔)

mom birthday on 26 septumper

I am feeling happy now.

you like that song

I like that song

My feelings: i get excited when i got a present, i am angry when i Need to do shower, i am hungry and thirsty After play. I am Happy when i play at school. This are my feelings i likes song

My feelings board
Happy-when I go to a trip to hotels and travel to another country’s
Sad-when I did something that make my parents yell at me
Mad-when someone broke my favourite toy
Scared-when an insect appears in my eyes