Do you like farm animals? Practise your reading in English with this story.

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That's strange!

Mrs Brown's a farmer. Every day she gets up at six o'clock and Mr Brown usually makes her toast and eggs for breakfast.

But today Mr Brown isn't in the kitchen.

'Tom!' she calls. No answer.

'That's strange,' she thinks.

Mrs Brown goes outside and calls Max, her dog.

'Max!' she calls. Max doesn't come.

'That's strange,' she thinks.

Mrs Brown goes to feed the chickens.

She looks in the backyard. No chickens.

'That's strange,' she thinks.

Mrs Brown goes to see the cows.

She looks in the barn. No cows.

'That's strange,' she thinks.

Mrs Brown looks in the field. No animals.

'Where are the sheep? Where are the pigs? Where's the horse? That's very strange!' she thinks.

Mrs Brown hears a noise behind the house.

She goes to look.

Everyone's in the garden: Mr Brown, Max, the chickens, the cows, the pigs and the horse.


'Where's my breakfast, Tom?'

'Today's breakfast is cake, Maude. Birthday cake! Happy birthday, my love!'


How do you celebrate your birthday? Tell us about it!

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