Read about ways to help others then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


Have you ever done any volunteering, fundraising or donating? Tell us some ways you have helped others or would like to help others!

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Yes, I have donated toys and old clothes to hospitals that fight against cancer.

I am donating my old toys and old clothes

For me, i would create a few Charity Boxes and i would put my old toys, my old drawings and my old books to help children who are stuck in hell but i will hand them to heaven.

i saw people in public doing some charity for those people who are poor

I gave my money to UNICEF to help poor children.

My mam work to help the people they can, t talk when Corona we start helping
Pepole with food and money by donating

I clean my toys

My mom is a doctor and she helps her patients

I would like to give money to help others for them to be able to achieve their dreams.