Look at the cat's plan for the day then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


What do you do every day? Tell us about your daily routine!

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Hello! My name is Emilio, I have lunch at 10:30 o´clock at the school from Monday to Friday.

Hello everyone! My mum and I use this wonderful website almost everyday for practising our English. You are fantastic! Thank you very much!

Hi CaptainGuitarSalt,

Thanks for your comment! We're very happy to read that you enjoy practising your English on LearnEnglish Kids :-)

Have fun!


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I have breakfast.Then i go to school .then i go home. then i have lunch .Then i go outside . then i play at playgorund. then i come back home. Then i shower. then i eat yougetr .then i play with my little brother.then i have dinner.that my daliy rounite.

You use the word "then" many times.

hi friends!i like the lessons of english kids.and i every day study english on english kids.

Hi AmethystExtremeWizard,


We're really happy to hear our site is helping you learn English! Well done for practising English every day, keep up the good work!


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Hi! I like this lesson!

I often do yoga with my mom when I get up and then I take a shower while my mom make our breakfast.

When I wake up firstly I go to bathroom to wash my face and then I give to my rabbit its food. I have breakfast then I read newspapers from my tablet pc.