Read about seasons then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


What's your favourite season? Why? Tell us about it!

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My favorite season is summer because it is the warmest season of the year so you can swim in a river, a pool or the sea.

I have three favourite seasons winter,summer and spring. my best fact was when
the winter began in the shortest day of the year and the summer began in the longest day of the year. I like winter because in winters I like to sit in the quilt .I like summers because i can eat ice cream.I like spring because I like flowers and in spring the flowers

hi my favorite season is winter because its fun i play in snow

My favorite season is summer. beacuse then is my brithday.

the most interesting fact is when each season starts.
the weather is olmost olwost sammer.
my favorits seasons are spring and summer.

My favorite season is summer, I don't like cold days that I have to put a lot of clothes on, and I grow some plants recently, so I like summer and autumn now.

Hi, my favorite season is summer. No school and lot of fun :-)

my favourite season is winter :D

My favourite season is spring and winter, autumn

My favorite seasons are : Spring and Winter because my birthday is in Winter and I like spring because it is a pleasant and really fun.