Look at the birthday party invitation then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


How do you celebrate birthdays? Tell us about it!

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To: Yen Jia.
please come to my party.
place: my house.
date: Sunday 7th July 2021.
time: 6:00pm- 7:00pm.
Bring two present.
from: Princess sapphire mermaid.

To: Elsa my sister
Please come to my party.
PS:Bring one present.
Date: 30th may 2021
Place: Our house
Please reply!
From: Your sister

Yes I well come!

My mom and dad always forget my birthday, because my birthday is a few days after Chinese new year, and we are busy meeting our relatives and friends at that time, so sometime I forget it too, so we will celebrate my birth when we remember it, we have delicious cake on my birthday. And there is a funny story, my big sister and my little brother are born at the same day of one year, so they have to share their birthday. My family have two birth a year, one is forgotten, and one is for two.

Wow RubyCushionGarden that is so nice!
My dad is working in China now, in Shanghai

TO : Ann
please come to my birthday party
Date : Monday 31 August 2020
Place : 20 high street
Time: 2:00-4:00
From: wooju

To: Anna
please come to my birthday party!
Date: 8/9
Place: at restaurant
Time: 4:00 -6:50 pm
please reply
from: Me

I like to have my birthday at home with my family.
My parents are bringing me nice gifts and a nice cake.

Hi and this is how I write my invitations.
Hi I am PrincessMermaid my birthday is on 4th October and will be held at (a place) be there at 6:30pm
I hope you will join.
date:4th October

I always have good birthdays .
I have cake , biscuits , pizzas and a lot of candies .