What will happen in the fairy forest? Watch this story, one of our 'Shakespeare Lives' videos, and find out!


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Hi PrincessDaisySkittle,


We're happy you've read all our stories. We have more videos in other sections that you might like. Have you seen these?



LearnEnglish Kids team

I love that story!It is amazing!!!

i am sad! because i can't understand their words , i can guess the some mean of the video though! i am really sad!

Dear WhiteUnitedMist,

Don't be sad!

Shakespeare's stories can sometimes be very difficult to understand. Have you tried clicking on the 'CC' button on the video so that you can see the words and watch the story at the same time? You can also click on the 'Print the story' button under the video too and see the words. 

The first game under the video helps you to understand who all the different characters are in the story. Some of them have very difficult names! You could also try printing out the activity sheet to help you with some of the other words in the story. Maybe a teacher or parent or friend can help you to understand better?  

There are lots of other songs and stories and games on our site I hope you will find something else that you enjoy. The important thing is to have fun while you learn and don't worry! If you keep practising, soon you will be able to understand everything! 

Best wishes

LearnEnglish Kids team

They can do better.

of course but i think this story is good enough

I love it ! I have watch all of Shakespear Lives. I wonder are there any more of Shakespear Lives ???

Hi PrincessRhythmPurse,

I'm happy to read that you like our Shakespeare Lives videos. I'm sorry that we don't have any new Shakespeare videos at the moment. You may enjoy our Storytime videos. Here are some new ones which we have added to the site recently:




And you may also like our British Tales videos, for example:


We will have some new British Tales videos coming to the site very soon!


Have fun practising your English!


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

yeah and this is a very funny story too i like hermia the most but everyone is cute too

I like the story very much and I hope that everyone like it!