What's the weather like today where you are? What's the weather usually like in your country? What's your favourite type of weather?

Your Turn: Weather
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Hi everybody! 

In Croatia it's raining today. The weather is here usually sunny or cloudy: on the coast, where I live, it's rarely very cold. My favourite type of weather is sunny! I like sun and sea-water. Gorgeous!


i am in greece and it is sunny

 Today the weather was sunshine. With little rain. It was worm. In winter is very cold, and it almost always rainy, in summer is very hot and sunny. I almost forgot, windy in the winter. 
I like when is spring. Than the sun is cool, something like warm. It doesn't has a lot of sun or rain, but it's perfect. :)

 I live in Azerbaijan.Today weather is fine but there is some snows in land.I like hot,sunny weather.