What do you eat at Christmas? What's your favourite Christmas food? Is there any Christmas food that you don't like?

Your Turn: Christmas Food
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I m from turkey.ı like eat turkey 

Here we eat in Christmas Turkey, I don't like the duck!

i like  chicken !

 We always eat  turkey on Thanksgiving . It is turkey .  No , there is not .

chicken and rice soup,stuffed cabbage,tzatziki,beet&garlic  salad,cabbage salad,lemon pork with celery,roast lamb,turkey,cheese bake pasta,fried potatoes,spinach &cheese pie,feta cheese,olives, country bread,th sweets,Greek coffee,christopsomo bread

I love seafood and eating sweets and chocolate.
I love Christmas time!!!! It´s fun :)

I'm Veronica.
On Christmas, we have a lot of great foods in England! We eat roast turkey, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts and roasted gammon. Our pudding is called Christmas Pudding and it's delicious! My mom and dad make the Christmas meal and it tastes lovely! :D
Bye, Veronica xx

i like BBQ

I like Christmas because it is joyful time. At this night my mother cook different foods like : rice , yoghurt ,  french fries with ketchup , chicken and lots more.