Christmas, Diwali, Halloween … What festivals do you celebrate in your country? What is your favourite festival? We'd love to hear about your favourite festival so why don't you send us a poem telling us about it. 

Your Turn: Festivals Poem
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Great poem, PrincessGarnetSand! The LearnEnglish Kids team loved it!

LearnEnglish Kids team

Thank you very much! I liked your words, LadyCrystalKitten!

 In my country there are many festivals for example in my city there is flower fair and it's very nice cause'  you can see many old cars and other things.

the christmas are the best
the losers are the rest
we love to decorate trees
but i hate to say "cheese"

I like your poem very much

I like your poem MissT-RexTown!

LearnEnglish Kids team 

My favorite  festival that i celebrate is Christmas. Which represents when Jesus was Born. Not just because of the presents, although i like presents, because i get to see all of my family, well most anyway. And it is sooo sooo much fun, what with making lots of snowmen, i even made a snow-polar-bear!!! 

Christmas is the best
It beats all the rest

Good rhyme KingUnited2!

LearnEnglish Kids team 

i celebrate eid eid i love eid