Have you ever seen the Olympic or Paralympic Games? Have the Olympic Games ever been held in your country? How many Olympic sports and Paralympic sports can you name? Which Olympic sports would you like to do?

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i love to play in olympic games. These are the games i love to play: 1. Badminton 2. Swim 3. Bike 4. Run That all the games

I have just watched badminton final on TV, my country (Malaysia) lost to China, very sad!

yes i have ever seen olympic games but only in tv and no olympic game was played in my country yet. the some olypmpic and paralympic games i know are running ,jumping, volley ball, base ball, foot ball, swimming...ect. the one i would like to practice is swimming.

 I know alot of sport is:
1. running
2. far jump
3. handball
4. tennis
5. golf
6. shooting
7. gymnastic
8. baseball
9. soccer
10. football
11. batminton
And I'd like to play soccer in the OLYMPLC GAMES

 yes aka no i would like t play football aka soccer at  the londen olymic games

I have not seen Olympic games but I have seen it on tv. In my country(sweden) it have been one Olympic in 1912, for 100 year ago when the titanic sinks. I know that the olympic games is:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • 100 meter
  • Swimming
  • Basket
  • Handball
  • Badminton

and more sports of course but I don´t know it. I would like to play football.