Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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I have been to the wedding .people wear the dress,male vest ,trouser and tie .At the wedding people eat chicken,tea,cola,soda,french fries... .Yes.

I have been only once at a wedding. It was very nice people were dancing with joy and there were many tasty  dishes. 
remembered me or not I am Alyssa

I've been to the wedding only two times!:P

i only went to two weddings

i have been to my 2 aunts wedding. They both wore beautiful dresses and make up. There was no wedding cake. The guest were crowded and they wished the best for the bride and groom

i have been to A lot of weddings , and ya i like to get married when i am older :P

 I have been to a wedding one time from 2009. There were some my friends at the wedding.  The man wear a suit and the woman wear a dress. All of them was very beautiful. There was a lot of flowers. At the end of wedding is a party, it was very fun. I will not get married when I get older.

I have been to a wedding many times , i guess you can not account it .The bride and gloom wear special clothes .They wear in turn a white dress and black suit. At wedding we usually eat cake, white race, yogurt and drink Coka cola . Yes i will choose to married after finish my study.

I have been to a wedding 8 times.The people wore dresses and suits.I would like to get married when I'm old.

I have  been  to a  wedding 2 times. The bride wears a beautiful gown and the groom wears a suit.  We ate jellyfish. prawns, shark fin soup, chocolate, and many more. The food were delicious! When I get older, I would not get married. =D