Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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I have have not been to wedding.At the wedding people wear suits and dresses.People eat different kind of food there.I would like to get married when I become older.

Hi everybody!
My name name is Daryna. I wrote this comment 4 you:))))  I want to have more friends in B. Counsil... . I'm 11 years old.
I've never been to a wedding.Frankly speaking I thing people have to wear wonderfull clothes, to look the best. Cakes and drink tea (sometimes eat cheese burger and drink a litre of cola!). Yes of course.

i have been at wedding for six times!
people wear beautiful and expensive clothes!
in each wedding people can eat very different types of food!
of course! I think it is one of  the best moment in life of each woman in the world)))

I have been to 3 weddings before - they were all great! I was a Flower Girl to one of them, and a Bridesmaid to another one! People wore very elegant clothes, including

  • Beautiful White Dress - (the bride)
  • Tuxedo, which is also another word for a Black Suit - (the groom)
  • A Pretty Light Blue Knee-length dress - (me when I was a flowergirl)
  • A Just-above-the-knee Purple/Fuchsia Dress with a ribbon tied around it - (me when I was a bridesmaid)
  • Black Suits - (men)
  • Elegant Dresses - (women)

Everybody enjoyed themself at all of the weddings! We ate:

  • Vanilla wedding cak with a bride and groom figure on top - Dessert
  • Meat,
  • Salads
  • Fruits,
  • and even more Desserts

And, of course I want to get married when I grow up, it'd be horrible and lonely to be alone!

I haven't been married yet) Because i'm only 13 years old ,so i'm too young for this) i'm happy for everyone who is older than me and already married))

 Hi everyone. 
I have been to a wedding last year. The bride was beautiful. She was a friend of my family. In my country, we have many traditions on the weddings, for example: the bride and gloom dance a song called "la vibora de la mar", it's very funny. I didn't like the food because it was very glamorous and I prefer simple food like burguers and pizza. 
On that day I wore a long dress and many jewelry. 
That's all. Bye

I have been to one wedding when I was 2 years old. I cannot remember it much, but I was a bridesmaid and I eat alot of cake. It was my parents wedding, and everybody wore white dresses and black suits. Peopel ate chicken fish and cake. I wanna go to a wedding again and I wanna get  married too!

I have been to a wedding  several times, men wear jackets , trousers, women wear sarees. There were many people beautiful and dancing together, also lot of tasty dishes were there, people ate chicken , fish and drunk coca cola,,,,I would like to join wedding again,

I was only once to a wedding: to my parents' wedding! My mum wore a white shirt and white trousers, my dad wore a blue suit. People ate rice and fish. Of course, I want to get married!

I have been to the wedding .people wear the dress,male vest ,trouser and tie .At the wedding people eat chicken,tea,cola,soda,french fries... .Yes.