Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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i have never been to a wedding but i would like to get marryied
when i am older

and i would like to be marryied to bacon,   i love bacon......

Hello there!!!!!!

  • I've been to wedding many times.

People wore elegant dresses according to pakistani culture.

  • Bright red,fancy suit (the bride)
  • Black suit (the groom)
  • Grey suits(men)
  • Elegant dresses(women)

The menu usually is: 

  • Rice(of different types)
  • Cake 
  • Meat
  • Different type of desserts.

                       And,I would like to  get married when i'll grow up.  

I hvae been to a wedding. People wear dresses. They eat cookies, meal  and other. O would like to get married when I'm about 27.

I would love to get married when i'm about 25. 

I have been to many weddings and homecomings. I was a flowergirl for 3. I will be a bridesmaid any time soon as some of my cousins are of marrying age. Weddings are wonderful. The bride wears a white indian(saree), western(frock) or kandyan(osaree) and for going away a coloured one. The groom wears a suit, kurtha or nilame suit and sometimes changes for going away. The flowergirls and bridesmaids wear frocks or kandyan and sometimes change for going away. The page boys and bestmen wear suits and mostly doesn't change for going away. The food is good and luxurious. The decors are beautiful. Everyone wears beautiful. There is a nice wedding cake and guests get pieces from seperately made cakes. For homecoming, bride wears a saree, osaree or frock and groom wears suit or kurtha. As a flowergirl, I wore 1 short green frock, 1 short orange frock and 1 long pink frock.

yeah.many times.they wear beutiful fancy dresses.they eat biryani beef meat and chicken meals and also any of the sweet dishes .yes i want to :)

i have beento a wedding 4 times. the people wore dresses and suits. i would like to get married when i'm old

 its not very funny

I have never been  on wedding.