Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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i have been a weeding many time i was waiting for my cousion weeding but axcidently i came to china so i losse this wedding

i have been to medding  for my brother and my sister it is very good you all peple hope . the eat all timr rice and meat and cake in morring tim . the wearing dress >  when i got older i married . thank my friend

yes,at the wedding people usally wear dress.Thet usally eat rice with some side dishes and yes,when i grow up i would like to get married.

please be friend with me

At the wedding, the bride wear a long white dress and the groom is wear a a suit and bow. Sometimes they have a flower in a pocket. There is a bicycle and on the seat they put the cake on it. And they have a heart castle  make by glass. They put wine on it. The sever take four glasses to the two family drink it. The bride and groom go to lunch. Etiquette is finish. Everybody start to party. Finally, the syllabub have a game very funny . Everyone have a number. Who is lucky, the ringmaster call the number on his and and who is owner of the number and go to the stage, they have a very very big money and a very very big present. When I grow up i will marry to give birth to the baby and make my family too. I also make house for my mum and my dad.

Wow that's good! As I am an Indian. In our country brides
wear sarees. and boys wear Dhoti Kurta.

I love Indian clothes like,

  • Kurthas
  • shalwas
  • gurati

Hey, You are a Sri Lankan. I'm a Sri Lankan too and I also like kurthas, shalwas, and gurati. I love weddings.

same pinch princess lake tooth

I was on wedding 2-times
First was my aunts. She had white dress. She was pretty in that. But it was long and i begin bory. It wasnt ugly, or something, but it was just long and there was many adults.
Second was our family friend. We was only family who wasnt in dress. I find book with prayer and i little read that. I went home quickly.