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Do you agree with the advice that Alex gives? What other advice would you give?

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I agree with Alex!
Dear racecar 73
Don"t be sad with mean message!
You must ask parnet help you with it

yes, Alex is right. my, advise is that you should avoid talking to a stranger on the internet.

This is the best game

you should not speak to a stranger on the internet.

pepole should not ask about private matters

I totally agree with Alex, a password is personal. And we should not reply mean messages on the internet.

you should not give my number to a stranger

i very love this game

yes, i agree

Yes,i agree with advice that Alex gives.
immagation a situation you are a gamer and playing computer game.And someone cheat all the time.What shold you do?You should report this player to admins and maybe he/she will ban him/her or kick them out.I like that story :D