What's the weather like today where you are? What's the weather usually like in your country? What's your favourite type of weather?

Your Turn: Weather
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1. Today in El Puerto de Santa Maria it's raining and cloudy.
2. In Spain usually It's sunny and hot.
3. My favourite type of weather it's sunny and hot.

I love when it snows. But it never snows in Florida.

Today's weather is snowy. Our country's weather is usually cool and cold. My favorite season is summer.

I love sunny days!And my favorite is summer!

Hello, my name Jorge and I live in Ecuador. The weather right now is rainy, but the weather in my city is usually hot. My favourite type of weather is in winter because I love the snow.



My faourite day is raining. today is sunny.

My favorite weather is sunny but i also like windy.Today is cloudy and rainy.
Today is perfect for chiclet hot.

It;s very cold . It is usually hot . I like winter .

Today, the weather in Viet Nam isn't good. There are storms in Nha Trang and the cities in the west. In Tay Ninh where I live is bad, too. It's always windy and rainy. I wish it is sunny so I can go to school with no dirt on my foot!