Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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eeeee!! i don't like to wed !!!

 why you don't like to wed

i have been to thousands of weddings and they're all such fun!  i dress in sparkly dress which often itch!  and i just luv the bride's dress and she's just sooooooo pretty!! recently i've been to my cousin's wedding in India!!  :D

  1. i love mama and baba

In the South Korea we wear the wedding dress at wedding
In the wedding, we eat food at buffet

I like to attend weddings.
The one I'm most looking forward to is mine!
In most weddings in Taiwan there are many tables of people, 
and the wedding is shorter and without a formal ceremony.
The weddings are usually in big restaurants that are in hotels or big buildings.
I think in western countries they are usually in big cathedrals or churches.
In Taiwan the bride will change her wedding dress many times, but
in western countries they usually wear a white one only.

I have been many weddings.They wear beautiful dresses,suits and Hanbok,(I live in south Korea)
People eat many kind of food!

Hi ! I'm Öykü.
Yes,I have been to a 2 wedding.
People wear wedding dress and gowns at weddings.
People eat the biggest and the most beautiful pie at weddings.
Yes,I 'd like to get married when I 'm older.

 I   don't like wedding   wedding  was  vary very boring

I very like to be a weddings