Christmas, Diwali, Halloween … What festivals do you celebrate in your country? What is your favourite festival? We'd love to hear about your favourite festival so why don't you send us a poem telling us about it. 

Your Turn: Festivals Poem
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My favourite festival is is festival of colour and fun. we throw water balloon on eachother.

London forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norouz is 13 days in our country.when the New Year  and spring comes  it is started.before Norouz we clean our house and buy new clothes .and in Noroz we go to party .parents give us money and then we kiss them.Do you like it? for 13 days schools are off.

Thanks for telling us about this festival in your country, LadyDrumPyramid.
It sounds great!

LearnEnglish Kids team

Hello my friend.The best Holiday is Noruz . have you ever heard about this???

cool my best frend is megan i am 12 how old are you

 I am  ANN  I  am eight What  country are you from Are you from the USA?

Hi LadyDrumPyramid,
I haven't heard of the festival Noruz - can you please tell us about it?

LearnEnglish Kids team

My favourite fastival is New Year,
Father Christmas comes there.
He brings me a lot of fun,
He makes me laugh and run.
Every year I wait for him,
This year he gave me a racoon Tim!

Wow,is so perfect !!