Have you ever seen the Olympic or Paralympic Games? Have the Olympic Games ever been held in your country? How many Olympic sports and Paralympic sports can you name? Which Olympic sports would you like to do?

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I swimming

you swiming right now or you like swimming

Yes!  I have also seen olympic games. And I like race of running very much.......

I have seen it but its never been held in my country

I seen on television, in 2012 how Croatia won in water polo. My cousin Luka learn to know how to play water polo.

The Olympic Games never has been held in my country (VietNam). I just have seen it on television. I know lots of name's sport : badminton, swimming, football, jump, marathon race, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, etc. I like swimming.

i love olympic games too.

 I love olympics game .
my country(greece)  has got two but brozen not cold :(

I love Olympic games and I watch from Italy

i'm from vietnam