What must and mustn't you do when you're online? Listen to the grammar chant and find out! Can you hear the modals must and mustn't in the chant?


What else must and mustn't you do when you're online? Tell us your ideas!

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We musn't write our name on internet.
We must be careful on internet.
We musn't write adress on internet.
We must only chat with friends.

When I am online, I must be careful. I mustn' t chat with strangers. I musn 't tell my address

My name is Ela Tokmak;
We musn’t talk about home address.
We must talk with our friends on the internet.
We mustn’t spend many time on the internet

Hi! We must be careful when we are using the internet. We mustn’t share our passwords. We mustn’t share our photos.

we musn’t give our address, real names and password. We musn’t talk to strangers on internet.

hi ,we mustn't enter someone else's email address.

We must always keep our password secret.
We musn't never show home address anyone

continoed ...We must do homework on the internet.We mustn't enter every websites.

Hi,we mustn't chat everyone.We mustn't share our address who we met on the game.We must join the online classroom.