In many countries, 23 April is World Book Day. Do you celebrate World Book Day where you live? Do you like reading? What's your favourite book?

Your Turn: World Book Day
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I like books about football. The title of my favourite book is "Like a japanese comics".
I don't know  when the World Book Day is but I presume that it is interesting and beautiful

In Viet Nam, Ha Noi have not the World Book Day. But I like many book. The book I like best is Three Day In The Small Country. The author is V. LI-OP-SIN. I love this book.

Yes! And I love to read! But I don't have any favourite book, 'cause I like every book I read! Now I'm reading ''The solitaire mystery: a novel about family and destiny'' by Jostein Gaarder, but in Portuguese, of course.

My favorite book is "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London.
I love that story.

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the secret room.

Hi everyone!
I'm from Macedonia, here we celebrate the World book day whit a big books fair. There are lots of book on sale and we buy books, there are writers to sing their books,readings,promotions etc.I love reading all kinds of books and I like going to the books fair because I can buy good books in low price.

In pakistan we do not celebrate world book day . but i love reading books and my favrite book name is jack and the bean stalk and i read book ever time

hey! I am from india.
I am not sure if the world Book Day is celebrated In India On 23rd April. But what i am sure about is that books indeed are a human's best friend! My mom instilled in me a love for books since I was 3. She used to read out stories for me at night. I have a library at home containing over 60 to 70 books and i treasure them the most. I mostly read detective novels and the nancy drew stories are one of my favourites.

In Amsterdam , Holland is not everybady celebrating World Book Day , I love to read different books , my  favourite book is Hoe Overleef ik met/zonder liefde ? , you can find that book in the Netherlands.
Without that , I think I Have never heard About World Book Day , but  I Like to read different books , and I No , I Have say that previously :)

In riyadh,Sudia Arebia we celebrate world book day. We visit the book exhibition but the book in this year was very expensive
but I enjoyed to visit the book exhibition.and I buy books for knowledge. I  will remember this day in the next years.