In many countries, 23 April is World Book Day. Do you celebrate World Book Day where you live? Do you like reading? What's your favourite book?

Your Turn: World Book Day
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In VietNam, we celebrate World Book April 23rd my book i love not book anythink

My favourite book is "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".

We Celebrate World Book Day In England In March. My Favourite Book Is Awful Aunties By David Walliams And Another Story That I Love Is Old Billys Enchanted Valley

In Philippines we celebrate Saint George's Day same day as World Book Day and my favorite books 50 great short stories ( 560 page ) and Black Beauty ( 228 page and 49 chapter )

my favorite book is the hanger games and harry potter but hanger game is better.

We don´t celebrate world book day in Spain. My favourite books are about space.

 I celebrate Books Day.We buy new books that day and complete reading all the unfinished books or at least try to do so.I enjoy reading and I also joined a library and took part in a competition where you had to complete reading 6 books in 6 weeks.My favorite book is all the books written  by Jacqueline Wilson.

In my country, people don't celebrate book day, unfortunately. I love reading, It's my passion. My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Now I'm reading a great book; The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. I would suggest it to anyone.

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