What's the weather like today where you are? What's the weather usually like in your country? What's your favourite type of weather?

Your Turn: Weather
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My country is SRI LANKA.
I like every weathers.

 I live in Saint-Petersburg.Today the weather is rainy

 And the normal temperature here is not very hot nor cold !

 I live in Dubai,UAE. the weather here is very hot because its summer.the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.My favourite type of weather is when it rains and it hardly rains in Dubai but when it does the whole city shines with the clean water of the rain!  :)

I live in Azerbaijan. Today is 17/03/2014 and it's very windy outside.

  • Today is sunny and windy. 
  • Where I live in Spain, it is cloudy and cold in winter. In spring, it's windy and sunny and sometimes rainy. In summer, it is sunny and hot. In autumn, it's windy, cloudy and sometimes rainy. 
  • My favourite kinds of weather are sunny and snowy (because I can make a snowman). 

I live in Serbia . Today is cloudy and chilly. Little sunny.I don't like this weather like.

I live in Malaysia it really hot here. It has never rained. 

 I live in Tijuana,Mexico and the weather in these days has been warmer, and it has not rained and that is a big problem because this is causing a drought.