One of the typical dishes in the UK is roast beef. The beef is cooked in the oven with roast potatoes and served with vegetables and a tasty sauce called 'gravy'. Can you tell us about one of the typical dishes from your country? 

Your Turn: Typical Dish
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 fish chips

 chick peas and rice,dumen (jellyfish pasta),frog hart noddle  and shark fin pasta

are typical dish is hot wings and bbq

 In Pakistan the typical dish is BIRYANI (kind of rice which is spicy and has potatoes and chicken.)

MIE  GORENG  is typical  indonesian dish. mie goreng  means fried noodle. sometimes we use mie  rebus when is cold  that two food  is only a noodle  

The typical dish in my country is rice.It's very delicious.You can eat rice with vegetable, fish, chicken...many things else

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The typical dish in Russia is 'pelmeni' and soup 'shi'.I like roast chicken and 'peimeni'.

the typical dish in the uk is fish and chips aka   U.S.A cheseeburger