One of the typical dishes in the UK is roast beef. The beef is cooked in the oven with roast potatoes and served with vegetables and a tasty sauce called 'gravy'. Can you tell us about one of the typical dishes from your country? 

Your Turn: Typical Dish
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Hello! |n Brazil the typical food is pamonha (made from corn), pão de queijo (bread and cheese) and pequi (is a fruit).

In Saudi Arabia typical dishes is almufatah It is made from rice, meat or chicken and the taste is very delicious, as well as the bread of the taste house is delicious and dipped with a little ghee

In our country we have many dishes, for breakfast we often eat pho (rice noodle soup with beef), banh mi ( bread with various kind of stuffs inside and sauce) or rice. For lunch we have rice with fish, chicken or beef with soup or sometimes noodles too. For dinner we eat soup, rice, vegies, meat,... sometimes we have special dishes like banh chung and banh giay... If you have eaten Vietnamese food, I bet you'd like one of 'em

Pancake is a typical dish in Ukraine.It is made of eggs,cottage cheese,milk,butter and sugar. I like to eat pancakes for breakfast.

One typical dish from Ukraine is borshch. It is a soup. It is made of potatoes, beetroot, carrots, onions, cabbage, greens and garlic. We eat it for lunch. I like it!

One of Viet Nam typical dish is pho. Do you know about pho? It makes with rice noodle and beef. You can add some vegetables too.

in our bread pie

One of Hong Kong most typical food is Sui Mai.It is a food that is very popular in HK.Everyone loves them.I like them too.It is made from fish and served with soy sauce.

i live in nepal .i eat rice in snacks

One typical dish from Spain is tortilla española (Spanish omelette). It is made out of eggs, potatoes, and onions. It looks like a cake, and you can cut it into slices. You can eat it for dinner or lunch. I like it because it is yummy.