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In the forest in India there are many village one of them is in west bengal named karandhighi so people living there knowed a house of ghost where if any people goes the people dies so one day i went there and saw a women dressing into ghost dress so i told to every villagers and they all punished the women.

Sayoni from India

Once upon a time, there was a mother rabbit who lived with her three little rabbits, Harry, Henry and Herny in a house. One day, mother rabbit had to go to Aunt Eva’s house but couldn’t bring her little rabbits to her house. So she said ,”I have to go to Aunt Eva’s house.You need to study hard. Bye bye!” But once mother rabbit went away, Harry and Henry started to play. When dinner time was ready, only Herny made the dinner. When mother rabbit came back, she said,” Thank goodness! Why only Herny is making dinner?

Nethinim from Hong Kong

Hello, I`m a Finnish girl.
Nice story! I like.:)