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Mari, The Witch of Anboto

Once upon a time, there was a witch called Mari and she lived in Anboto mountain in the Basque Country. One day a girl called Mari went to Anboto and she got lost. She went into a cave in the mountain and she died.

She became a witch and she can change the weather and also she can become other things, like a storm or an animal.

Diana Elena from Romania

If you turn your back on her, she curses you. If she curses you, you can have bad luck or die.

The Bad Witch

Once upon a time a young couple had a beautiful baby, but a witch envied them. One day the witch dressed up like a hairdresser and went to the couple's house.
She asked the woman, "Do you want me to do your hair?"

"Yes please!" said the woman.

When the witch finished, she stuck a black pin on the woman's head and the woman turned into a crow and the witch dressed up like her.

A few days later the man went into the forest to hunt and he caught the crow and picked up the pin.His wife appeared and talked to him about the witch. An hour later the witch was arrested and the couple could bring up their baby nicely.

Rebecca A.M. and A.A from Spain

The Shepherd and The Lamia

Once upon a time a young shepherd went into a forest and he heard a noise. The noise was very beautiful and curious. He saw an elegant girl and he fell in love.

When the boy went to his house he said to his mother what happened. The mother said :"First watch her feet, because she might be a Lamia" The boy didn't pay attention to his mother.

Finally the boy went to the forest and he discovered the secret of the girl - she was a Lamia, a witch with duck's

Itziar L.M. & Arrate A from Spain.

The Stonebreaker

This is a traditional story from the Basque Country

One day in a far away village lived a stonebreaker that broke a lot of stones every day. One day a witch saw that the stonebreaker was unhappy with his job and so she decided to help. She asked him what he wanted to be. The stonebreaker said that he wanted to be richer …and he became richer.

The next day he wanted to be the richest man ….and he became even richer still.
He was very happy with his new life until …..One day it was very sunny and suddenly he couldn’t help it and he became a sun. When he was a sun, a cloud went in front of the sun and he became a cloud. The cloud started to rain and drop water and everyone ran into their houses. But the stone that was lying there couldn’t move to get out of the rain and he was turned into a stone.

The next day, when he was a stone, a stone breaker came to break that stone and he thought to himself, “The stonebreaker’s job is the best job of all” and he became a stonebreaker again for the rest of his life.

Javi from Spain.

Patxi the Blacksmith

This is a traditional story from the Basque Country.

Once upon a time there was a blacksmith called Patxi in Mount Aralar. Hell decided to take Patxi away and so they sent a demon called Zart. He arrived at Patxi’s house they had breakfast together. When Zart wanted to stand up, he couldn’t; he was glued to the chair. He was stuck to the chair for three years. Then Patxi set fire to the glue and Zart went running quickly to hell to tell everyone what had happened.

Hell still wanted to take Patxi and sent another demon called Axut. Zart called out to Axut “If he asks you to sit down, don’t!”

“Okay, thanks.” said Axut.

Axut found Patxi the blacksmith. They had breakfast and Patxi asked him to sit down.
“No thanks. I don’t need to sit down,” said Axut.

“Fine, but I think you need to lie down,” answered Patxi.

“Alright”, said Axut and he lay down on the bed. A few minutes later Patxi spoke to the demon Axut. “I’m ready to go, are you?” But Axut was glued to the bed and he was stuck to the bed for three years. Then he escaped and ran to hell and told everyone what had happened.

Hell still wanted to take Patxi and sent the last demon, Gatz. The other two demons, Zart and Axut, said, “If he asks you to sit down or lie down, don’t.”

The last demon found Patxi. Patxi asked him if he wanted to sit down or lie down but Gatz replied that he didn’t.

“Fine,” said Patxi. ”Would you like some apples from the tree?”

“Yes, please.”

Gatz the demon went to the tree and was glued to the tree. He was stuck to the tree for three years. Then he escaped and ran to hell to tell everyone what had happened.

Years later, Patxi died. After he died he went to hell, but when the demons saw who was coming they closed the doors and Patxi did not enter hell.

Jon from Spain.

Hi WildGlass3000. I am HappyShpphire90. Your traditional story is good. I love it. And nice to meet you, new friend. ^_^

The Kind Beggar

Once there was a kind beggar in America. One day fairy god mother came to him. She told that she was pleased by his kindness,and gave him a wishing jug. The next day the,beggar wished to marry the princess of America. After some days they got married, the king died. the kind beggar was the new king. He ruled the kingdom wisely and lived happily. It is happy ending. Do not you agree?

Adreeja and Rosetta from India

can you tell me in which American country this is

Once upon a time, in Holland, a prince, very rich prince, wanted to marry a princess who was very beautiful and very smart and very discerning. And very rich, too! He galloped all around his country, but there was no princess had all of these terms. He was sad very much, and his parents were very worried, too.

One day, when all of people in prince's palace, there was a very very heavy storm. A girl knocked at the door. The King opened the door.

- Who are you? - The King asked.
- I am a princess. I am the princess who your prince wanted.
- Ok. Come in.

The King and the princess came into the palace. The Queen put a pea under twenty cushions. It is the bed of the Princess. She thanked them and went to bed.

Next morning, in the breakfast, the Queen asked the princess:

- Princess, did you sleep soundly?
- Oh, I couldn't sleep because under my bed, there was a small stone hurt me.

The Queen nodded. She was the most discerning princess she ever seen. The prince also like her because she was the most beautiful princess he ever seen.

After the breakfast, the prince tested her. He wrote on the paper two math problems:

  1. Natural numbers from 1 until 11 was written by a natural order. Next, plused one number of these order with the it's order, we have a sum. You must prove: all of sums, we always found two sums and their difference devided 10.
  2. On the board, there was natural numbers: 1,2,3,...,1993,1994. You must do that work like this: rub two number of this order, then replace them by their absolute value of difference, then do it again until there was one number on the board. You must prove: The last number was not 0.

15 minutes later, the princess had done. Now, the prince believe her and married her. After that, they lived very happy.

T hen the prince was King, and the princess was Queen, the prince and his soldier fighted the agrressors, the princess manage her country very good. The prince had won, the princess was very happy.

You are the best wife. - He said.

Now the pea is put on a museum with the two math problem. Can you solve them?

The end

Tien Nguyen from Hong Kong