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I love travel around the world. I went to Singapore and Malaysia next month. I went to Vietnam next year. It's a beautiful country. I ate the traditional food of Vietnam. That's pho. It's very good. Yummy! Did you go to Vietnam????????????????????

I love English. That's my favorite subject. This website is very good.

I love bunny. They are so cute. But I don't have any bunny. It's so sad. Hm...

The Dancing Princesses (Billy’s version)
There was a king who had twelve beautiful daughters. They slept in twelve beds all in one room. The King saw the princesses’ shoes were broken. He made it known to all the land that whoever could find out where the princesses dance could marry one of the princesses.
After two days, a soldier went to the kingdom. He said to the king: “I can find out where the princesses dance.” The king said: “Are you sure you can?” The soldier said: “Yes. I can.” The king was very surprised. “You must be very careful. If you can’t find out where the princesses dance, I will cut off your head.” The soldier said: “Nonsense. I don’t believe you can cut off my head. I am a strong soldier, you know.”
The King was very angry, he said: “Guards, cut off his head.” “Go ahead.” said the soldier. After a while, the soldier’s head fell to the floor.
In the next ten years, nobody came to the king’s kingdom, not to say to find out where the princesses dance. Two more years passed, a three-year-old child came to the kingdom. He said to the king: “Hello, King. I know your daughters go to dance every evening. I can find out where they dance.” “Ha-ha-ha-ha,” The king laughed, “You are so small. I am sure you can’t do it.”
The child said: “You must believe me.” The king said: “Sure. You can try.”
In the evening, the little child went to the princesses’ room. He stood outside the door. He left the door open. He saw the princesses were having dinner. After dinner, they went into a tunnel, one by one. When the princesses all had gone into the tunnel, the child went into their room. Suddenly, the tunnel door closed. The little child thought there must be a code. He started to find out the code.
After five minutes, he found a strange code. They were some numbers. The child soon broke the code and the door opened. The child went down the tunnel carefully.
There was another door, but the door was open. The child ran out of the door. The child saw a beautiful tower. He saw the princesses dancing in the tower.
The child closed the door, so the princesses could never go back to their father’s kingdom. The child grew up in the tower. He became the king of the tower, and the twelve princesses all became his wives.
They lived happily in the tower for three thousand years.

Hi. My name is Nicolas. Nice to meet you, my new friends.

Hello. I’m Billy. I am 9 years old. I live with my dad and my mum in China. I’m going to tell you about my dad and my mum.
My dad’s name is Ken. He’s about 35 years old. He’s got black eyes. I’ve got black eyes, too! He has small ears and a big nose.
My dad gets up very early everyday. Our housekeeper makes breakfast for my dad. My dad usually drives to work at about eight o’clock. My dad is a businessman. He sells auto parts to Japan and Malaysia.
My dad comes back home at seven o’clock. Sometimes he helps me do my math and English homework. After dinner, I watch TV with my dad. My dad’s favorite channel is world news. He likes reading newspaper, too. But I don’t like reading newspapers. In the evening, I sometimes read storybooks, but my dad doesn’t like them.
At the weekends, we do different things. My dad goes to work in the morning. I sometimes play games. But we play badminton together in the afternoon. At the weekend we sometimes go to the cinema or go for a walk. We watched Avatar two weeks ago. My dad loves music very much. But he doesn’t go to concerts because he is busy.
My mum’s name is May. She is 35 years old. She’s got black eyes, too. She has a small nose and a big mouth.
My mum is a businesswoman. She works in the same office with my dad. My mum gets up a bit late everyday. She doesn’t go to work in the morning. Sometimes she goes to work at 6 p.m. and comes back home with my dad at 7 p.m.
My mum stays with me in the morning at weekends. In the afternoon on weekdays, she sometimes goes to work and sometimes stays at home. She doesn’t like watching TV. She likes reading A Good Mum Is Better Than a Good Teacher. She likes this book very much. She likes reading newspapers, too. But she doesn’t read newspapers everyday.
At weekends, my mum plays Zheng (Chinese Zither) when I write Chinese and English compositions. Sometimes I read with her. I often write Chinese calligraphy and play the piano. After that, I will play games if I have some time.
My mum began to learn to play Zheng only a month ago. She has four Zheng classes a week. She plays very well. I think she is a good student. I like listening to her Zheng music.
It’s great living with my dad and my mum.

In a magical land, there was a house that was home to a girl named Soso and her brother, Uouo.
One day, Uouo was ready to go riding bycycle. Soso was playing  her volleyball. It was a red one. The volley was Soso's most favorite toy in the whole world. She was not careful with it . She threw it so far that it went into the river. She was very sad.
She ran to her brother, Uoso, and said:"Can you help me find my volleyball in the river."
Uouo said:"OK."
Soso was very happy. Uouo wearing a swim suit, jump into the river. After a while, Uouo got out of water,. He said, "I can't find your volleyball."
Soso said, "Hmph, you are so bad at swimming."
Uouo said, "I didn't wear goggles". So he put on his goggles and jumped into water again. But when he got out of water, he still couldn't find the ball.
Soso was so disappointed that she began to cry. Uouo said: "Don't worry. I have an idea. I can find a superman to help you. He can fly, swim, and jump high up. He has a wing."
Soso said:"Wow. I can't believe it. Can you ask him to help me?" Uouo said:"Of Course!"
So Uouo rode his bicycle to find the superman. He went to a very dangerous place. The superman was there playing football. Uouo went to him and said: "Hello, Superman. May I have your name?"
The superman said, "My name is Billy."
Uouo said: "Can you help my sister Soso find her volleyball in the river."
Billy said: " No Problem." Uouo, "Thank you very much."
So Billy and Uouo ride bicycle to the river. Soso saw Uouo find the Superman. She was very happy. Billy Jumped into the river. Suddenly, Billy got out water. He had a volleyball. Soso run to Billy and caught the volleyball.
Uouo said to Billy: "Thank you for helping my sister."
Billy said: "You're welcome. If you need help. Just shout BILLY THE SUPERMAN three times, and I will come to help you."

The Foolish Man
There was once a foolish man who was tricked all the time. He would go to village to village and get tricked all the time. People lied to him because they wanted so much. People ask for his clothes, his shoes, his hat, his food, his water, and all his belongs. All he said was "Yes". When he went to the woods he was naked and had nothing. His belongings were gone and even his blanket. He was cold and afraid. A goblin approached him and said " May I have your body to eat ?" He said "Yes". The goblin ate his legs, his body, his hands, his arms, and last the goblin popped both of his eyes out to eat, The goblin said " Thank you for that wonderful meal. I do not have anything but, I will give you this piece of paper with words on it". "Thank you" said the foolish man. "Nobody have never gave me a gift." The man with just his head was crying and died.

Once upon a time, there was a cat, called Misura. It was very, very little and it couldn't do anything, because its hands were too little.  It wanted to be a respected cat, because the other cats laughed when the little cat can't eat, catch a mouse or other thing what the cats usually do easy. The other cats didn't understand that Misura is a cat like them.  One day, Misura go out from the City of the Cats. It went to another country, with little cats, like it. And it found one. That country was called The City of the Little cats. There the food was easier to eat by the little cats. The strangest thing is tha Misura was the biggest cat from that city. Because that, it became the president of the city. After that, The City of the Cats and The City of the Little Cats had a meeting. But the president of The City of the Cats was shocked, because Misura was a president. And like that, Misura became a respected cat.

Diana Elena from Romania

really good story