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 Hi.. I am Narmin, from Azerbaijan, and our most famous holiday is Novruz holiday. Novruz is most important for Azerbaijanians. Novruz has 4 thuesday holiday. These are first- water, second- wind, third- fire, and at the end land thuesdays. And when from 20th march to 21st march, we celebrate Novruz. The mean of Novruz is new day. When Novruz comes, spring comes with Novruz . The symbol of Novruz are samani,  bon-fire, "Kecel" and "Kosa".  Novruz is our oldest holiday, our grandpathers', grandmothers' holiday. We love Novruz ♥

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king midas` and the golden touch

there was king named midas he had a daughter name marigold
one day while in the garden he went to pick a rose he pulled the foot of a fairy 
"i will give you one wish" the fairy said.
" i wish for the golden touch" the king said.
next thing the king knew the rose in his hand was turned to gold
every villagers came near and far from greece 
so the king can turn there stuff to gold
but every good thing must come to a end
he tried to eat some grapes but they turned to gold
he was so upset that he put his hand on his forehead 
"father oh father what have you done" marigold said.
she danced with the golden king at parties intell  she grew sad
so she went to the fairy and asked for her father back
before she knew it every thing was normal again even her dad


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