Read some traditional stories from around the world. Have you got any stories to send us? Post a comment below with your traditional story.

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This is a traditional story of karnataka.
Kamadenu and the Tiger

one day a cow was grazing in the field when suddenly a tiger came by.when the tiger came to pounce on the cow the cow pleaded for mercy so that she could feed her child for the last time.she promised to return after leaving her child to someone who would take care of the the tiger agreed but warned the cow -"if you dont return i shall eat your friends too".so after the cow came back the tiger was so ashamed of himself that he jumped of a clif and died.

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Hi,now. i love english stories about browny 

i like this story with Soso and Uouo, it is veri funny

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i haven't got any traditional stories but i read other types of books too and i'd like to recommend u Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries. U many get the extracts of Dork Diaries on their website.

I read many stories from around the world. yes, I got one story to send. It's The Ugly Duckling,
It was summer, the air was scented with newly moun hay. There stood a castle surrounded by
a mout amoung the tall trees. Thick weeds grow at the foot of castle walls. A mother duck
had built nest and was sitting on her eggs in this quiet spot. She sat for the pretty longer time
hoping something to happen. Eventually, the eggs hatched, one by one.

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