Read some traditional stories from around the world. Have you got any stories to send us? Post a comment below with your traditional story.

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My name is Ece Umay . I'm Turkish and I am 12 years old. I want to send you a legend from our culture. The legend says Lokman Hekim lives seven eagle life. Lokman is the best doctor in where he live . He knows everything on the World. He has a Black book -and you can Read everything because everything Writes in it. He can found medicines form ever trouble by nature. Everything is wright but the folk wants medicine for death. They go to Lokman Hekim. He knows it is impossible. But the folk is very stubborn. So he opens his book and he researchs . Yes! There is a medicine of death... But the medicine is far far away , at Çukurova. He Starts to go to Çukurova to find the plant. He walk for days. And he comes Çukurova. He was veri tired so he sit Under a trene. Tren he heard a Voice nar there. İt says : " I am the medicine of death. " But the God don't want it. He pick up the flower and put it between his book. A few hours later he came to the bridge. suddenly a man comes next to Lokman.
"Who are you?" asks the man
"Lokman Hekim. But why you are asking?''asks Lokman .
"How can I believe you ara Lokman Hekim? OK. So say me, where is Cebrail now?''
Lokman opens his book and Read something.
"My book says Cebrail is near. And I can say you are Cebrail! "
The legend says, Cebrail touch the book thrown apart to the Ceyhan River. So he can't do the medicine.

Lokman Hekim, wants a long life from the God . The God gives him seven eagles' life. Six eagle dişe one by one. The 7th eagle hatched. He named it Lübed. Lübed means loğ life.But Lübed dies to . The legend says his grave is in Tarsus.

Note: Cebrail means Angel Gabriel.

I'm from Korea, and we have very many traditional stories.
And most of it has a moral lesson.
But they are quite long and some are boring.

in my country the traditional stories are scary

im from Romania and i have 11 years old . In my country the best traditional story is BABA DOCHIA . She goes on the mountain with 12 jumpers and she have 15 sheeps with her . BUT... in one day it was very cold and she was transformed in ice .

I am from Georgia, in my Country are many legend. One legend is very historical and interesting: 2000 year ago was kingdom Colchis near black sea. From Greece came Argnavtes (they was Sailors) and they passion Fleece. On The Golden Fleece was Written Gold mining mystery.

My story what I red all week is what happened to the dinosause but it was a realy realy long book and on my book Quiz I got 100/100 I was realy happy geting fullmarks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha
B-) cool B-)

i like stories a lot

Adventre time

Here's a traditional story from Indonesia. 

Roro Jonggrang 

       In the past, lived Pengging Kingdom and Boko Kingdom. Boko Kingdom had a prince. His name is Bandung Bondowoso. And, Pengging Kingdom also had a princess. Her name is Roro Jonggrang. 
A day, Boko Kingdom attacked the Pengging Kingdom. While the battle happens, Bandung* met Roro.
Bandung loves Roro. But, Roro doesn't love Bandung. Finnaly, Roro accept his love with some requirments.
Her requirments is to make a deep, deep well and make 1000 temples in a night.
Bandung agrees the requirments and started working. He not working self but he helped by the genies.
Roro looks at Bandung's work. She's worried Bandung can do her requirments.
Finnaly, some women from the village pound rice to make the rooster crow. Then the genies run because it's already morning. But, only 999 temples can they do.
Bandung get so mad, then make Roro to be the last temple. 

Now, it's still in Yogyakarta , Indonesia. 
The name of the temple is Prambanan Temple.

Of the name of Indonesia, DukeBlue900 

N.B. : In Indonesia, sometimes the name of people is called with their front name, not nickname.

Hi, my real name is Mariana, I'm 11 years old (a bit bigger, maybe) and I'm from Mexico. Here there are a lot of leyends, usually invented by the Aztecas, or the Mayas (they're groups of people that have existed since a lot of time ago). An example is the Legend of Sac-Nicté and Canek:
Sac-Nicté means White Flower. Born in Mayapan: the power of three provinces who lived in peace: Mayab, Uxmal and Chichen Itza. Canek means black snake, a courageous and tenacious prince of heart. Because he was 21 he was raised king of Chichen Itzá and that same day he saw Princess Sac-Nicté, 15. The two fell in love. However, Sac Nicté was intended for the young ulil, Crown Prince of Uxmal. Time passed and the young Canek was invited to the wedding feast of Sac-Nicté. Legend has it that a small counselor told him Sac-Nicté would be waiting between green flowers: it would be necessary to fight for it, before the target act against them. The wedding day, and while all the guests danced cheerful, Canek arrived with sixty of his principal warriors and went up to the altar where burned incense and chanting priests. Canek arrived with Itzá sign on his chest: Itzalán !, Itzalán! shouted as battlefield, and the moment, snatched the princess of witnesses. Enraged ulil took up arms. The war had broken out: Mayapan and Uxmal against Itzá. Although the reign of Mayapan was over, The Itza left their homes and temples deChichen Iztá, leaving the city crying. Before the children of Itzá was the king Canek, walking trails beside Sac-Nicté. Although the Itza were saved, the armies of Uxmal and Mayapan found echoes in the empty palaces and temples. Chichen Itza was dead, because his people had been abandoned.