Traditional stories from around the world

Read some traditional stories from around the world. Have you got any stories to send us? Post a comment below with your traditional story.

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Submitted by DuchessPrinceF… on Wed, 14/07/2021 - 08:18

My favorite traditional story is Goldilocks and the three bears. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks. She was alone and lived happily in the forest. One day, when she walked past a cottage, she went to the cottage and knocked on the door. But no one opened the door. She thought it was strange that nobody opened the door. Goldilocks was curious so she entered the door. She was surprised that there was no one in the room. ''That strange''. said Goldilocks. She didn`t notice the picture of a bear family. Goldilocks found a table with three soups. She tried to drink the big soup. Goldilocks drank the big soup, but it was too hot! Goldilocks tried to drink the medium soup. It wasn't hot but it was sour! Goldilocks tried to drink the small soup. It wasn`t sour, it wasn`t hot! She said It is just right! Goldilocks found three remotes and three TV! The big remote and the big TV weren`t right! Goldilocks tried to watch the medium TV and choose something to watch! but it wasn`t right!! Goldilocks tried to watch the small TV and it worked! She was tired so she wanted to rest. Goldilocks found three beds. She tried to sleep in the big bed, but it was made from waterproof! Goldilocks tried to sleep in the medium bed! But it was made from feathers! Goldilocks tried to sleep in the small bed, and it was made out of normal! Goldilocks slept and the three bears came! When they came to drink the soup, the three bears recognized that someone drank their soup! When they came to watch TV, they saw that their TV was broken! When the three bears came to sleep in their bed, they saw Goldilocks sleeping! The three bears roared in anger and Goldilocks woke up! She ran and ran and ran! Far away from the woods, never to be seen again. The end. I like Goldilocks and the three bears because it is my favorite traditional story!

Submitted by SapphireFire3000 on Thu, 02/04/2020 - 14:56

Today is a very special day for my country. Argentina Kids... answer this

Submitted by MissCrystalSpell on Wed, 01/04/2020 - 05:13

to be continue

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