How many teeth have you lost? In Britain the tooth fairy takes your tooth away and leaves a coin. Is there a tooth fairy in your country? Remember, we say one tooth and two teeth!

Your Turn: Teeth
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hello,my first tooth fell when I was 6 years old.

Hi Everyone! I'm Pamela and I'm from Singapore. The Multi-Racial Country.(chinese,malay,indian etc)
Here we don't have Tooth Fairies or Tooth Mouses.But we do have
Dentists,they helps us to look after our teeth.
Dentists are special because they are specialist.

About teeth, I had lost 12, because I am 12 years old now. I didn't lost 1 in a year, but like 2 in a year, and the last year I didn't lost a tooth. I remember one day I lost my first tooth when I was watching the television. The television programme is about fairy tales and I know about the tooth fairy. After washing my mouth and the tooth, I hid it under my pillow. That night, I wish I will get a coin under my pillow the next morning. But, the next day, when I took my pillow up, the tooth was gone, and there was no coin there too! So, from that day on, I didn't believe in tooth fairies, but not fairy tales.

Hi,my name is SANA,from K.S.A.
I have lost 12 teeth because I am 12 years old.we do not belive in tooth fairy.

Hi! I can not remenber how many teeth I have lost in all my life!
My mother always says is very important brush them after eat something. I think its so boring but I try do not forget me because I afraid of lost ALL my teeth FOREVER.
My young sister is 6 and she lost one tooth few days ago. There is a hole in her smile. In my country we call it "little window".

hahhaha is the same for me I guess ...I have lost all my teeth here in Albania we call them "milk teeth".....I'm 13 so I don't have any other milk teeth.there is no a  "tooth fairy 'in my country but after we extract our tooth we throw it to the roof.....It means good luck...:D

hi everyone my names rukaiya ahmed and i dont now english i can write it but i cant speak it and i dont belive in the tooth fairy

Hi Iam from UAE (United Arab Emirates ).This is my first time that I attend in this site. I am writing her to train writing in English.... In my country we do not believe in tooth fairym ; this will disagreement with our religion. We just read or heart it  from fairy stories. For now I have been lost 5 theeth...
With best Wishes

Hello. I am Dasha from Ukraine and I' m 8. In my country we don't have the tooth fairy, but we have tooth mouse.  It takes our teeth and gives us the new teeth. 

What is a tooth fairy???
"My teeth"
I dont remember my silve before I have teeth. All what I remember that I have it . But when I start to go to the scool ,it start fall uot one after one . Then I never talking too mutch and thinking of bibyes and olds who's hav'nt teeth . how does they eat , talk , smill and pite :D.