Can you swim? How old were you when you learned to swim? Do you swim in a pool or in the sea? Do you like swimming? How often do you go swimming?

Your Turn: Swimming
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i like swimming

 Swimming is my favorite sport. I learnt it when i was 6, but before  I was six I was swimming too!
It's nice to swim. In our school in Australia , In fourth term we have swimming lessons!!!!!!!!!!!

I can swim. I started to learn to swim 10 years ago, Now I can sweem. I can sweem both pool or sea. However swimming in the sea easier than pool. I like swimming. In the summer ı go to beach for swimming every week.  

Swimming is one of my favourite sport. If it is my favourite sport, I definitely know how to swim. When I am six, I started to attend my first class of swimming tutorial. I paddled, I knew how to hold my breath in the water, and continue it for minutes. After two weeks, I am able to swim. At first, I practiced swimming in the kids' pool. When I am eight, I swam in the adult's pool, then, I started to swim about 100 meters, breaststroke. Sometimes, when my family went for a picnic at the beach, I will swim in the sea, of course. I like swimming, but now I'm age 12, I need to attend the big exam in my country. So, I can only swim once a month. I really hope I was a kid again, swimming here and htere, like a free fish.

 I have mixed thoughts about swimming, whilst it can be pleasurable and boisterous it makes me fatigued quite quickly. Grievously my mother forced me to attend swimming lessons for 7 to 8 years. I much prefer to swim in a pool considering I unfortunately  seem to get rash's everytime I come up with the crazy and spontaneous idea to swim in the sea.

 I can swim .
But i dont like swimming.

i like to swimming,but i can't swim

Hi,my name is Sara,I like swiming.
I love do ballet in Sapain with points.
I have a hamster,his name is Canela,she is brown,white,grey and sinemon color,that it´s because his name is Canela,(sinemon in spanish)

I can swim . In fact, swimming is my favourite sport and hobby it's really  fun and  joyeful to be a good swimmer
i learnt swimming when i was four years old
 I go to the swimming pool every day after school to relax and chat with friends .