Can you swim? How old were you when you learned to swim? Do you swim in a pool or in the sea? Do you like swimming? How often do you go swimming?

Your Turn: Swimming
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I can swimming ! :D . Y I was eleven years when I learned to swim. I can swim to the sea, but like the pool. Yes,  I like swimming :) I go for swimming at the summer.

Hi                                                                                                                                                                                                           my name is engy. I like swimming because it is my  hobby .                                                                                          
I love swimming but i'm not good swimmer :)

 hi i am not so good swimmer but i can swimm and ilove to swim in very worm water.
 Hello Olívia Brazil kids i am Olívia too!

Hi Myname is Bora I cant swiming ...Because ı scared sea because the sharks and other fishs in sea :(

I love swimming
actualy, im a good swimmer

Hi i was with my parents
to a far away island
i dont know what was
it called ps im 6 years old

 Hello! I'm Michalina from Poland. I'm 7. I Iove swimming! 

i love swimming 

i like swimming in the sea.
usually, i swiming in the poll.

i like swimming in the sea .