Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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 I go on the sea when is summer. I love to be at sea.

In the next Summer holiday i go in romania to my family I LOVE ROMANIA,ROMANIA IS MY LIFE!

Last summer i was in Turkey.It was a great summer with a big sun.It was so hot .I stayed all the time in the sea.The food was awesome and it was my favourite summer.

i love summer holidays very much but in the summer holiday i miss my friends toooooooooooo much.
in the summer holiday i do not do alot of exersieses just searching the NET and watching TV.
what about u?
what did u do in the summer holiday?
p.s: i am in the third intermedite

 o.O good question!  I'm in Turkey. My summer holidays are in Turkey. I go pool, sea :D I'm swimming. That's it :) no more

No it's not summer in Kochi. I love summer holidays.

It's not summer where I live. It's monsoon these days. I am not on holiday from school.
I have fun in summer holidays.

YES!Summer holidays :my favorite period of the year.You have time to reeeeeeelax!to play but also to learn!!!During summer holidays ,I like go on the computer,and play with my dogs.I go to play in the garden with my older sister,sometimes she try to make a cake ,sometimes they are delicious and sometimes...burnt!!hahaha.LOL!

It is summer here in grecce, and it is very hot. But last night we had a storm 

Hello!I live in greece and this summer I am going to go to Evia.There I am going to play with my friends and also I am
going to go to the beach.Last summer I went to Zakynthos. I had a great time there. I want to go there again this summer.