Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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I love summer time because I can stay with my parents and do lots of things, like going to the cinema, have lunch together and so on, best regards to all.

Hello!!! I am Lilith. I am from Armenia. I am ten. It is summer. I like to go in Georgia with my family. I can swim and I like to swim in the see, too.I like summer very much, but my favorite season is spring.   

I'm in Vietnam. I'm on summer holiday. In summer holiday i have a lot of activities such as playing badminton, going camping, going swimming, learning English, ... And Iike playing badminton the most.        

  1. Hello all friends I am WhiteFlute6.
  2. I am from Egypt.
  3. I love summer so much.
  4. When I am in the summer in my holiday I go to the beach or go to the garden and play with my ball.
  5. When I am at home I play on the computer,I draw,I clolour photose,I play sports,and I play with my family too.
  6. All the summer is a holidays for me.
  7. I make all these activities in my holidays and in the summer too.
  8. What do you do in the summer or your holidays ? do you make like me?
  9. I forget to tell you play sports to be strong.
  10. Happy summer.
  11. Goodbuy.

I live in Croatia and, surely, here is summer, a marvellous, hot summer! I've been on holiday for the past two weeks: I waited so long for this moment!  Now that I'm on holiday, I attend a summer school, where I learn to dance and to roller skate. I like it a lot. Then I go almost every day to the seaside with my mum and sometimes with my dad. I really enjoy my holidays.


I am like the summer because i go to the beach.

summer is supper!!!!!!!!

 On first June I finish school the next day i start studing I study for 4 hours and than I start reading my STORY BOOKS reading is my hobie and I like reading the most Ilike HORROR STORIES cuse they are exiting and I like funny stories to.


I like summer too cause that is the time I can go swimming and visit my relatives.I also have no school which is the best school means no homework!