Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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hello everybody i am sanjana  i love summer holydays .I will go to picnics nd hav lot of fun......Sometimes i will go to sea  and play with my sister! i will play indoor game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lovesummer

I thought that this summer holiday would be fun with my newborn twin brothers but it isn't funny.
Maybe a bit. It is because my dad work the hole month. So i guess it will be fun in August when he stop
working. Then our family will go to Germany by a large ship called Stena Line Germanica. It is a huge ferry. 

It takes around one day to get there and then we will be there over the day and then return back to Sweden.
So it will be fun after all. 

it's summer here in SYRIA . i 'm staying at home right now but i've got alot of free time to spend on my compuer before the school open it's doors ,but i injoy with my familly and go out with them because in winter i don't have a chance to be with them for a long time as now.

Hello eveyone. I am from Albania a small country in europe 'balkan. my country has got a lot of beaches and i will go for vacations on sranada a small town in the coastside.From the other part the vacations are boring couse you do not meet your friends of school and you miss everything of your school but i am in an english summer course so i don't miss school 100 % but i think 99.99& 'nice joke

I dont like this holiday . becose so boring and I miss all my friends .
Now must study English & math becose I"m so weak in this .
I hope talking English language .

i am Jennifer from Ecuador. i am 9 years old. i am on holiday from school. i play with my barbie and i go to the park. i eat ice cream and i watch tv.

I am on summer holidays i am staying at home whit my parent at monday we are go to the sea and we are going france i love summer holydays.

It is summer where i live.I am on holiday from school.We live by the sea,so i often swim in the sea.Also I read books and study English at home.I love holidays.

  I am on Summer holidays. I am staying a visit to my grandparents in the town . My grandparents live a small village where has a nice beach . My parents takes me to the town in the Summer holidays every year. I eat lots of sea food. I  enjoy the Sun rises early in the morning . I swim in the sea. There here are children I play football with them.  It's a great. I like it