Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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Hello eveyone. I am from Albania a small country in europe 'balkan. my country has got a lot of beaches and i will go for vacations on sranada a small town in the coastside.From the other part the vacations are boring couse you do not meet your friends of school and you miss everything of your school but i am in an english summer course so i don't miss school 100 % but i think 99.99& 'nice joke

I dont like this holiday . becose so boring and I miss all my friends .
Now must study English & math becose I"m so weak in this .
I hope talking English language .

i am Jennifer from Ecuador. i am 9 years old. i am on holiday from school. i play with my barbie and i go to the park. i eat ice cream and i watch tv.

I am on summer holidays i am staying at home whit my parent at monday we are go to the sea and we are going france i love summer holydays.

It is summer where i live.I am on holiday from school.We live by the sea,so i often swim in the sea.Also I read books and study English at home.I love holidays.

  I am on Summer holidays. I am staying a visit to my grandparents in the town . My grandparents live a small village where has a nice beach . My parents takes me to the town in the Summer holidays every year. I eat lots of sea food. I  enjoy the Sun rises early in the morning . I swim in the sea. There here are children I play football with them.  It's a great. I like it