Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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 i dont love summer  ilove  swimming

I think summer holiday is really Boring.
Because i miss for my school and for my a lot.

I like this ,it6 is nice

 i like going to holidays  because my mum is from taiwan and when i go there  it is really fun because my nan and granddad have a shop it is really cool i luv holidays and i like going to different places as well as taiwan.

Hi I am nearly 11 years old and I love Summer !!! although this is gonna be my last summer at primary school =[ I know it sounds weird im moving onto secondary school and im sad that im leaving primary lol but im going 2 a diff school than my bff and im really sad, Am gonna cry at leaving assembly lol x
x Have a Summery Summer LOL x

Hi Leah ur going crazy about this site! x
Purple Skittle Sunshine Is her name
Getting A SunTan is her game x
Lol x

hi im new how exciting heheheheh

 hi my name is SilverHarpBubble i did have one wot was PurpleSkittleSunshine but i change this this is for els

Hi I am seven years old  some  times ,It is summer .yes, Iam.Iplay with my friends.I go to my grantparent  Iplay to soI like   playing all  the  times.

I love summer because I can go swimming everyday. What bout you?