What's your favourite sport? How often do you play? Have you won any medals? What's the most popular sport in your country?

Your Turn: Sports
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i love football

I like badminton very very much.
It is my hobby.
In free time I play badminton with my family.

i love sport! my favourite sport is volleyball!! my team are play some matches!! i am training two years!!!

I like  football. I often play with my friends. the moust popular sport football. 

I love soccer, basketball, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, football, volleyball,and track. Doing sports keeps your body in good shape and is fun. I love it because I get to let energy out.

 A healthy mind is always in a healthy body for a healthy body sports is very important.
       Spots keeps us active and healthy playing different games is always fun and makes us fresh and healthy.
I love to play games .Games make us busy in contractive things.
         there are different types of sports or games for example running ,jogging , basketball ,baseball ect.
Games are very important part of our life . To makes our self , smart and active. By doing sports everyday we get stronger and active we overcome our lazyliness  and many diseases our mind also gets peace.
 My favorite spots is bedminton  i play it with my friends at home and in recess at school . In my country hokey ,cricket and football are very common and popular espeacially cricket , cricket fans are enormous including me but our national spot is Hokey as it has been played in our country sicne long time with we trained teams who had made us proud many times by winning medals in international competitons.

I  like to roller skate and snowboard.

Hello! My name is Svetlana. I am from Ukraine. I live in Donetsk. I enjoy sport. I think dancing is a wonderful sport. It is popular with people of different ages. When we dance, we feel fresh and ready for work and studies. I like to dance very much. I started dancing six years ago. I attend a dancing club in the centre of our district. I get there by bus. I train in the dancing club twice a week. We learn new ball dances. I dance with a boy. His name is Dima. We often take part in the ball competitions. Sometimes we win the prize places. We have three medals for the first and second places in the dancing competitions. It is a great feeling when you win. I suppose dancing is a good exercise for everyone. Ball dancing helps me to keep fit and be healthy. Dancing is fun!
> The most popular sports in my country are football and boxing. This summer the football Championship Euro 2012 will take place in Ukraine in Donetsk. Our boys hope to see these matches at the stadium “Donbass Arena” in Donetsk or on TV. Brothers Klychko are famous all over the world. The boys of our form want to be like these great boxers.

My favourite sports are nothing because I'm lazy, but I like easy fitness.
The most famous sport in my country is football. 

 Hi! My favourite is swimming. I practice 2 days every week. The most popular sport in my country is football.