What's your favourite sport? How often do you play? Have you won any medals? What's the most popular sport in your country?

Your Turn: Sports
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I like basketball.  My name is Cristina.  I like spaghetti.  I like playing with the Wii.  In my dreams I am a superhero.  My friend wants to fly.

 I like a lot of games!


My favorite games are Cricket and Karate.

Hello, my name is Gabriele and I am eleven. My favourite sports are tennis, basketball and football. But I don't play often, because during the winter I prefer doing karate an kung fu. Once I won a third place medal (running).

 Well Done..You must for the gold medal(champion).Which belt are you in? Don't worry, I'm a Taekwondo player and I'm a red belter. Why don't you try Taekwondo?To be honest with you,that game is very interesting.... 

my favorite sport is soccer

 I Like Skating because its so fun to do it. I like skating because it gives the feeling of sliding. Recently I have got my new skates. When i got it i learned it. My father and mother did'nt taught me. I learned it from myself. I took my new skates to school today. I want that I can do skating every time. And also while sleeping. My skates are Red and Blue in color. Today in my school when i wore my inline skates it started raining. Oh I did'nt like it. Then skating Sir skipped the class. Oh Man that was terrible. Sir gave us free time but we did'nt like it. Skating is good for health. 

Hi! My favorite sport is karate. I plays karate 3 days in the week.Yes,I have 3 medals.In my country most popular sport is karate,taekwondo,wrestling and boxing.

My favourit  sport is swimming , i had stare one and two only 
But in my country the most popular sport is football .