What's your favourite sport? How often do you play? Have you won any medals? What's the most popular sport in your country?

Your Turn: Sports
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My favourite sports are: (Contemporary) dance, football, archery, and horse riding.
I have my dance class twice a week for one hour forty-five minutes
No, i never won medal
Football is the most popular sport in my country

My favourite sports are swimming, football,walk and karate.

My favourite sport is Archery and Karate.

my favorite sport is swiming,the most popular sport in Vietnam is soccer

I love tennis and swimming. I've tried swimming but I haven't try tennis.

My favourite sport is badminton.I play it every day.I haven't won any medals.Football is the most popular sport in my country.

I like to play basketball and I always play it with my friends.

I llike football; I play it sometimes with my school friends. I like watching football on TV with my dad.
I also do dancing. I do dancing for 6 years. I like dancing. At dancing classes I found new friends.

I'm a girl but I like playing football! I often play football with boys

I do cheerleading. It is very fun. It is a team sport. You have to help each other.
Does some of you practice cheerleading too?